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Drakes California

First Edition / Hers

First Edition / Hers

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The leave it on your chair and wear it every day hoodie. It's just like the old favorite one you thrifted or lifted and never gave back.

The HERS First Edition hoodie has a shrunken body fit and an authentic vintage feel. The neckline is dropped to show your necklaces, and the sleeves are also a drop shorter for that vintage nod and to show a bracelet stack if you choose. As always, extra deep hood.

Designer Notes

Melanie believes the hoodie, is the perfect garment.

Never loan out.


The body length is perfect for all sizes to magically look great. Choose your usual size for a shrunken body fit as it was designed. Size up for a roomier fit.

Color Guide

BLVD: A super washed-down black giving charcoal vibes.BLVD is a hand-processed wash making each hoodie unique.

Care Guide

Wash, Dry, Wear, Repeat. It gets better and better.

100% Cotton

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